Investment Assets DeFi Platform

DecentralizedMoney ( is a DeFi platform where users can issue and exchange tokens pegged to real investment assets, backed and exchangeable for Ethereum, aiming to create decentralized, collateral-backed investment tools.

Our mission is to make digital investments simple and convenient.

All the tokens are based on Ethereum main network, Optimism, Arbitrum and Polygon chains.

Token DMNY – main token for swap operations, liquidity pools and DAO government (Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Other tokens of the DMNY family are decentralized tools based on smart contracts for investing in corresponding real assets with the ability to instantly redeem their value with Ethereum.

EURD, BRLD, RUBD, INRD, CNYD, ZARD, THBD, LKRD, KGSD, UZSD – are in charge of foreign exchange.

XAUD, XAGD, XOILD – in charge of commodities.

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