INCH2 (Square Inch)

Business Model: The revised INCH2 project maintains its core business model, akin to Airbnb, with a focus on purchasing real estate properties for short-term rentals. The innovation lies in the INCH2 token, representing fractional ownership in the properties’ square inches, specifically tailored for Airbnb operations.

Functionality of INCH2 Token:

  1. Equity Representation: Each INCH2 token corresponds to ownership in a specified amount of real estate, measured in square inches. The initial phase involves purchasing an apartment covering 53,000 square inches (about 360 square feet or 33 square meters). Future phases will follow a similar pattern, expanding the property portfolio.
  2. Dividend Distribution: Token holders receive dividends from the rental income generated on Airbnb. This income is converted into dividends for INCH2 token holders, distributed proportionally to their equity stake.

Implementation Process:

  1. Initial Phase: Begin with minting 53,000 INCH2 tokens, each representing an equal fraction of the total square inches of the first property. These tokens will be sold on a swap exchange, priced based on the value of the property.
  2. Purchase of First Property: After raising enough funds through INCH2 token sales, the first set of apartments will be bought. All 53,000 tokens collectively symbolize the complete equity in this property.
  3. Subsequent Phases: Following the success of the initial phase, additional properties will be targeted for purchase using the same tokenization concept. This allows for portfolio expansion and offers token holders more opportunities to invest in new properties.

Market Dynamics:

  1. Token Trading: Following the purchase of properties, investors can trade their tokens on the exchange. They might opt to sell their existing tokens or acquire more. Due to limited token supply, acquiring additional tokens might be challenging, and their price may vary based on the rental performance of the properties.
  2. Future Property Acquisitions: Investors are encouraged to participate early in the planning and purchasing of subsequent properties. This strategy aims to maximize potential earnings and expand the overall property portfolio under the INCH2 scheme.

In summary, the INCH2 project presents an innovative blend of cryptocurrency, real estate, and shared economy, allowing investors to own fractional shares of property and earn dividends from rental income. The model is designed to expand over time, adding more properties to the portfolio and providing ongoing investment opportunities.

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