LCKY Coin – The Magical Pot 🪄🍯

  1. Issuance of LCKY Coin:
    • LCKY Coin is magically created in a wizard’s pot.
    • The target is 108 billion coins, but, like true magic, this number is never actually reached.
    • Every four years, the magic of the pot decreases, halving the emission rate of new coins ⏳.
  2. Magical Distribution:
    • The head wizard distributes LCKY Coins through assistants, giving coins to people and supporting noble causes like building and aiding temples 🏰🤝.
  3. Donation by Fire:
    • LCKY coins can be donated, leaving a permanent message in the blockchain 💬.
  4. Donation by Ether:
    • Donating Ether to the magical pot rewards donors with LCKY coins 🌈.
  5. Emergency Assistance:
    • In extreme situations, an SOS can be activated to receive Ethereum, proportional to the total amount of LCKY and Ethereum backing LCKY Coin 🚨.
  6. Magical Council:
    • If you receive a pay-it-forward, consider using it wisely instead of hastily disposing of it.
    • In the future, to assist others, share LCKY Coin, make donations, or send Ether to the pot 🔄.
  7. Magical Display on the Website:
    • The website shows:
      • The number of coins issued and how many have been “brewed” by the pot 🪙.
      • The number of LCKY donations made 🎁.
      • The Ethereum balance supporting the magic 🔮.
  8. Exchanges:
    • DEX (Decentralized Exchange) allows two-way trading: LCKY Coin can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies and vice versa, offering flexibility and freedom in managing your magical assets 🔁.
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