RUBL – Debt Notes

The DecentralizedMoney (DMNY) platform introduces a unique system for managing debt notes and tokens in a decentralized finance (DeFi) environment. The system revolves around two main types of tokens: RUBL (Ruble Loan) and RUBD (Real Money Tokens).

Initially, the emission center starts with zero debt notes and RUBL tokens. When debt notes are brought to the emission center, an equivalent number of RUBL tokens are issued. For instance, 1 million RUBL tokens are generated for 1 million in debt notes, with a portion of these (50,000 RUBL) retained as a commission by the emission center, and the remainder (950,000 RUBL) given to the individual who brought in the debt notes. The emission center also evaluates the quality of the debt notes, which influences the commission charged.

In terms of token redemption, an individual with RUBL tokens can redeem them by selecting from the available debt notes, up to the amount of their RUBL holdings. Additionally, the platform allows for trading in a liquidity pool, where users can create pools for exchanging RUBL for RUBD or other currencies like USDD. These exchanges can be set at different rates, allowing for diversified trading strategies. For example, users can set various price tiers for selling, ranging from very cheap to expensive, aiding in market stabilization.

The platform also supports instant exchange options where users can trade based on the current exchange rate, which varies with the volume. Finally, users have options for fund deposits and withdrawals through emission centers dealing with various fiat currencies like USDD, RUBD, CNYD, either directly or through conversion to cryptocurrencies like USDT or ETH.

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